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Broughton Hall Estate
North Yorkshire

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Your Star Will

Get ready to S.H.I.N.E your socks off this Christmas

We have so many ways to soothe and distract from painful feelings and our addictions manifest in many ways – work, sex, unhealthy relationships, zoning out, internet, gaming, smart phones, gambling, substances, shopping, misery, dating apps, porn, food…

SHINE is our residential transformational experience where you will dive deeply into awareness, expression, connection and freedom.  You will spend time exploring, processing, in rituals, nature and the stunning surroundings and facilities of Broughton Hall https://www.broughtonhall.co.uk/

Led by therapist and Supervising Hoffman Process  (https://www.hoffmaninstitute.co.uk/)
Facilitator Emma Ferguson, and CBT/addictions therapist Steve McGrain.


Time to Shine

Are you always wanting more?
Too much never enough?

Your star will shine again one day...

Here we’re having a look at some of the things you do to distract, sooth, relax, that may be preventing you having the life you truly would like.
What do you use to avoid the pain/sadness/discomfort within - work, shopping, money, status, relationships, sex, porn, gambling, gaming, helping others, eating, not eating, exercise, misery, being a victim, power, drugs, alcohol?
Would you like to have freedom from these? Do you want to see and be who you really are?

Shine for all the world to see...

Would you like to have freedom from distractions? Do you want to see and be who you really are?
Do you want to change? Do you want to do things differently? If you do we’ll show you how.
If you’re weary of being stuck in the same cycles and only experience glimpses of peace, connection, and happiness, this weekend could be just what you need!

The universe in your eyes

  • Learn about how and why you do what you do.

  • Understand your addictions and behaviours.

  • Wake up through a series of new inspirational experiences.

  • Tool yourself up so choice is possible.

  • Get connected to yourself, others, and spirit.

  • Become much more functioning, funky and fun.

  • Choose joy and S.H.I.N.E.​


Word on the Street

"Full of pain and joy. Feelings can be scary but was safe in this space…..will be thinking about a lot of it after it is over."


"A very emotional process, the pace was brilliant, facilitation was loving, caring and compassionate."

Tam, Lead Counsellor at ACORN Recovery

"A huge and wholehearted thank you for a weekend which gave me a tremendous sense of connection, freedom and hope"

Zoe, Hoffman Institute UK Enrolment Coordinator