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What you say: Testimonials

'A huge and wholehearted thank you for a weekend which gave me a tremendous sense of connection, freedom and hope. Each time I thought, ‘Wow, that was the peak session, that was what I came for,' there was another and then another with equal heft. Emma was so inspiring and full of vitality throughout. She was right in there with us all as we connected with our emotions, our bodies, the elements and each other. The sessions were many, varied and interesting. I felt as if I had complete choice over how much or how little I engaged and consequently threw myself in. It felt much longer than two days and I left feeling somehow ‘bigger’, more my own priority, better able to take up my space and purpose in the world.'

Zoe, Hoffman Institute UK Enrolment Coordinator


"Opened a lot of doors up to me. The things Emma spoke about always made a lot of sense and made me realise I am not alone. Especially when she talked about how it can be looking out for others all the time."


What you say: Testimonials


"More please!"


What you say: Testimonials


“ got the clarity I needed at the start, the pace and progression was good, loved the venue , friendly and accommodating, fantastic”


What you say: Testimonials

See exactly what our clients think of their first SHINE experience. Mark and Simon share their thoughts on how it changed their lives.

What you say: Video

Rachel McGowan from Our Place talks about her powerful experience of working with Joy Provision.

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