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If you want a stronger community within the workplace, to jump start a new team, or simply inject some joy into your existing team, we will give you the space, the jolt, tools and the energy.

Based in Manchester and headed by our professional, FUN and ENERGETIC therapists!

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It's time to say something

Work together, inspire each other and create! Find your self in your role, or change…

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Poker face, carved in stone, amongst friends but all alone...

We will see you and hear from you before we all meet, and ask what you all need to be happier at work when it comes to being around each other and getting on.

You’ll become yourself at work, and be better poised to let others around you do the same. Together, with us, clean away your old traps and blocks. Like yourself and your team more. Time will fly, you could enjoy yourself at work! As a team, you’ll thrive and survive.

Learn what’s getting in the way of maximum potential and productivity. What’s holding people back? What’s preventing clear communication?


Why do you hide...

You spend a lot of time with your colleagues. Learn and get tools so you can be real and feel good! Be yourself truly as you face the seemingly never-ending flow of challenges that keep on coming these days. Be real when you have to achieve more with less. Be kind when it has to be tough. Smile together as you all gaze uphill at the struggles dished by the world of work. Feel happy and real. Together.

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Say something, say something, anything

  • Communication: Bonding through team building experiences 
    to support better communication.

  • Tools: Give your team new ‘life navigation tools’ in a nurturing space to balance and manage the stresses of life and work.

  •  Energy: Help employees to improve diets, physical health,  and mental health, in turn, creating happier employees - and less sick days!

  • Space: Rest, contemplation and relaxation in a peaceful, inspiring and supportive space enhance well being on all levels.

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Word on the street

"a touching wonderful experience, really opened up something deep within me"


"the whole day was quite challenging for me so i appreciated that the pressure to get involved and participate was gentle"


"got the clarity I needed at the start the pace and progression was good, loved the venue, friendly and accommodating, fantastic"


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