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Meet the Joy Providers

The Joy Provision team is comprised of qualified health and wellness specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. All of our team members believe in establishing an energy balance and flow within your mind and body. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team — we’re looking forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Find Out About the Ferguson

Emma Ferguson, Founder, Facilitator and Therapist.

BA (Hons), PGCE , MEd, MBACP, FDAP (accred), MBPsS, Cert. Counselling Supervision. Supervising Hoffman Facilitator, Holistic yoga teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner. PGCE, International Association of Trauma Practitioner, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner.

“See the shine, not the shit” is how Emma Ferguson chooses to live her life today, but it hasn’t always been that way. Like us all, Em craved a joyful life yet always looked for it in the wrong places. Mistaking drama and chaos for passion, she avoided truly connecting with the world. Although she was a mother to two young children and worked as a secondary teacher for several years, Em eventually found herself lost in a nightmare of addiction and spiritual bankruptcy.

As she began to seek recovery, Em finally started to find the sense of purpose and passion that she’d always craved and felt compelled to share that with others who were struggling. After training to become a psychologist and therapist, she gained vast experience working with addicts and their families. Although this work was fulfilling, she knew that she needed more.

Creative expression and a connection with the outdoors and animals are key to Em’s development, and she gained new skills, training and working with the Hoffman Institute.

For years she was adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, yet today she lives a mainly joyful life. Through Joy Provision, Em is sharing her experiences, inspiring others to undergo similar amazing change and she would love to offer you the opportunity to do the same.

Musings on Mairi


Mairi Russell, BA (Hons), Film and Journalism, Supervising Hoffman Process Facilitator

Mairi Russell is an incisive and passionate practitioner whose potency flows from her drive to experience life alongside others as deeply as possible.
Prior to working with people seeking more from life, Mairi showed us the world from behind her lens, in her long and dazzling career as a writer, broadcaster, editor and TV producer.
Mairi has met the world, filmed it, and shown it back to us. Despite her gratitude for the honour, she felt her career was a mask and she was a 'performer' in her own world. Then, life threatening illness forced Mairi into a new and emotional journey.
She embarked on 12 years of re-training and gained thousands of hours of experience working with individuals, couples and groups. Now, charged with her natural speed of thought and tenacity to follow emotional smoke, with a light and easy touch, she safely slices through layers of hurt, fear and shame to help others find authenticity , joy and love.

A Summary on Steve

Steve McGrain, MSC Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Diploma in Counselling. Cert in Counselling Supervision. MBCAP, FDAP

Steve is a Mancunian psychotherapist and a counsellor. He works in private practice, and also works with organisations who specialise in working with addictions. He’s skilled in 1:1 therapy and is also a dexterous group facilitator, workshop leader and clinical supervisor, currently on the way to earning a Masters Degree in Cognitive Therapy.
Steve’s highest point is in the now- experience, challenge and growth. His inspiration and way of being draws energy from being a father. Steve was moved by the profound experience of supporting his partner through his son’s birth, and watching his son
grow, which fuels Steve’s sense of freedom."Max teaches me so much about being at ease in life, playing, asking and watching with curiosity with spontaneous expression".

Ramblings About Ray

Ray Olatunde Badejo, MBACP (Registered) Diploma in Counselling, Cerificate in Supervision

Ray is a qualified Integrative therapist specialising in addiction and solution-focused therapy. He has vast experience of delivering group therapy in the addiction field and runs a private practice delivering one to one therapy. 
An early life of abandonment issues and lack of secure childhood attachments led Ray to an eventual life of dysfunction, dissatisfaction, instability and ultimately addiction.
After working in marketing and living all over the world, seeking solutions to increasing problems outside of himself, Ray’s life finally ground to a shuddering halt 15 years ago incurring legal issues.
A change came in the form of therapy and recovery which led to a new narrative back to his true self his soul. This change was so profound,  Ray made a decision this was to be his purpose in life.  And so started a journey of sense, connection, freedom, andmeaning.
This led Ray down his current path helping others find the courage to change. He asks often "How is your soul today?"

Mentioning Mark

Mark Mace Smith, Facilitator

Mentioning Mark
Mark is an auto didactic, polymathic artist who manipulates words, sounds, shapes
and motions in a daily quest for peace, love, unity and universal freedom.
Mark is a photographer with a poet’s passport, a film maker with a painter’s eye, an actor with a dancer’s rhythm, a drummer harmonising on the offbeat. Sometimes he sings – about freedom.
Since 9/11 Mark has been travelling nationally and internationally as a poet who happened to have a camera. Now after 17 years on the road he is a professional portrait photographer who happens to perform poems. It is some kind of freedom.

Vicky Abadi

Therapist, Mindfulness Coach and Facilitator


Vicky has worked in the field of addiction since 1994.

“Prior to becoming an addiction counsellor I experienced first-hand the effect of addiction on myself and my family. Through therapy I was able to share my thoughts and overcome my dependency, removing it from my life and allowing me to move forward.

It was this positive, life-changing experience of therapy that motivated me to become a counsellor and help others to overcome addiction.”

Vicky has continued to update her professional development over the past 20 years including gaining a certificate in supervision at Bristol University in 1999, CBT training, family intervention training, CYP (working with children and young people) and group work training at Addiction Dependency Solutions and The Counselling and Family Centre.

Janet Burgis

Therapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Facilitator

Supervising Hoffman Facilitator, BA(hons) Drama and Dance, PGCE.

After twelve years facilitating change and as a supervising facilitator of the internationally acclaimed Hoffman Process, “be curious”, “you’ve got to feel it to heal it” and “the only way out is through” are well-worn mantras. Over the years Janet has worked with many hundreds of clients from diverse backgrounds connecting through empathy and compassion with current struggles, holding loving space for childhood wounds and traumatised bodies whilst offering rigorous coaching into the present and embodied presence.

In 2010, following a two-year "Healing the Light Body" training with the Four Winds Society, Janet graduated as a practitioner of shamanic energy medicine. A year into that training Janet found herself challenged to surrender to the wisdom of her studies upon receiving a cancer diagnosis and in the spirit of shamanic initiations danced with death (and chose life). Since finding physical recovery Janet has gone on to dance in ceremony with indigenous shaman of Peru, Guatemala and in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. The magic of the medicine is alive within her.

Janet continues to study and train seeking always to deepen and further embody her wisdom. A qualified teacher of drama (and former actress and film censor) Janet has undertaken trainings in Sesame Drama and Movement therapy, Psychosynthesis, Imago Relationship Therapy and Professional Facilitation, Emotional Education, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and most

recently (2016) qualified as a teacher of the movement system Qoya. Janet is currently entering the last year of training in PsychoEnergetics, a body-mind approach to psychotherapy. As coach, healer, individual and group depth-process therapist and facilitator Janet holds healthy boundaries, humour and compassion offering coaching and healing with loving kindness.