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What's the story Morning Glory

Based in Manchester, Joy Provision have devised a series of personal development courses that aim to help people identify and remove the things that are blocks to a passionate life.

As Hoffman Process facilitators and skilled therapists, we are expertly qualified to do precisely that i.e. to untangle and free you from those past hurts.  We do this by offering therapy and personal development courses in Northern England.

Manchester has a rich history of innovative music and we use this back catalogue as inspiration for our work. We are passionate about creativity, so we’ve devised a series personal development courses in Northern England, using music, dance and other forms of creative expression to facilitate relighting of the flame that brings a joyful life.

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That's how we aspire to live. And we will show you how to do the same.

We are a culture that chases happiness. We are told that we want bigger, better, faster, longer. In the search for this, we often use the wrong things to achieve it - booze, sex, cars, gambling, drugs, porn.... 

We are sold a dream of what it is to be happy and will try all sorts to obtain it 

But then, what follows is

addiction, isolation, depression, medication, numbness.

All of this makes us and the ones around us miserable. So in the cruellest form of irony, the pursuit of happiness means we end up further away from it than we were when we started

We often go wrong because we make incorrect assumptions about what will make us happy. Joy Provision can help you to unlock what actually makes you happy and realise there is a different way to achieve it....

A bit about Broughton

Most of our courses, workshops and retreats are held at the exclusive Broughton Hall Estate in the Yorkshire Dales. Broughton Hall dates back to 1597 and has belonged to the Tempest Baronet family for 900 years. It is one of the most exquisite event venues in the UK and one of the only exclusive hire historic houses in Yorkshire.

We are also exceptionally lucky to be able to use their newly built Avaolon Wellbeing Centre for some of our courses. This space seeks to facilitate new lifestyle habits to empower inner work and raise self awareness - something that ties beautifully with Joy Provision. 

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