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Our Provisions

A selection of high energy, experiential, creative programmes to move you  towards a more joyful life

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JOY for You

See How It’s Never Enough.
Our signature process – your life beyond addictions. Whatever you use to distract yourself from your diamond essence, the true you. We’ll look at why you do what you do and how to do it differently.

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JOY for Students

SORTED uses a range of experiences so students leave with stronger resilience, clarity, and hope. It enhances and augments existing mental health services and interventions currently in place on campus through reinforcing humanistic principles and using various therapeutic modalities.

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Love Again

JOY for Relationships

This is our relationship and connection workshop for couples.
You might be struggling with your partner, spouse, children, parents or siblings, or some other social connections or networks. Our relationship workshop will help you to discover more about what you do and how to do it differently.

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Say Something

JOY for Business

If you want a stronger community, to jump start a new team, or simply inject some joy into your existing team, we will give you the space, the jolt, tools and the energy. Work together, inspire each other and create!

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