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Shamanic Healing, Equine Therapy and Forest Bathing

Words can be limiting – sometimes we just cant find the right language to explain what is going on, we may struggle to be heard and have lost our voice through painful early childhood experiences. Trauma is held in the body and there are often no words for it – it’s a sense, a feeling which talking therapy doesn’t always reach. Energy medicine healing and/or work with horses goes beyond the physical/the ‘known’ or learned language.

"It was my own transformation during work with horses that led me down a road of body and trauma exploration. Besides my Psychology and therapy training  I chose to use my drama therapy background and embrace shamanic energy work. Bessel Van de Kolk and Gabor Mate both advocate the exploration of what is happening in the body and treatment using our internal family systems. Energy medicine can reveal, unblock and heal and show us what lies below the conscious mind. Neuroscience has shown us remarkable similarities between the limbic brain of horses and humans, which makes it possible for horses to serve as both our mirrors and our teachers in terms of understanding ourselves, our emotional life, and the way we relate to ourselves and those around us. Horses help us to remember, to remember at a deep cellular level. They bring the unconscious to the conscious. It is our job as practitioners and healers to support clients on their healing journey." - Em Ferguson, Joy Provision Founder.

Joy Provision will facilitate this using equine assisted therapy and shamanic energy work and nature immersion (forest bathing) holding a safe space for psycho -therapeutic processing.

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